The digital embellishment

CARTES introduces the new high quality standard of “Digital Embellishment” special effects with its exclusive technology, JET D-SCREEN

CARTES JET D-SCREEN digital unit allows you to create multi-layer effects such as spot coating, complex tactile raise effects and braille printing as well as very detailed foil and metallic doming transferring.
In just one step you can personalize and beautify labels, with no tooling costs, instantaneous start-up and no material waste.
The CARTES research and development department, taking advantage of its many years of experience in traditional screen printing, has developed an innovative finishing technology that uses its own system which allows depositing a thicker layer previously impossible to achieve with Ink Jet technologies.
The work of the operator has been simplified extensively, allowing the selection of options from already predefined settings as well as the choice of the material to be used, thus achieving immediate production in the JDS unit without waste.

Materials that are printed with the JDS system do not need to be varnished or treated before, these processes may distort the “texture” of the material.

The printing polymerization device consists of a hybrid LED/UV drying system that allows any type of material to be processed, even those most sensitive to temperature.

The JET D-SCREEN unit for digital Embellishment is the latest innovation in the wide range of CARTES developments. In a single step, it allows you to personalize and beautify labels, without tooling costs, with immediate start-up and without any waste of materials.
Modular, just as all CARTES technologies, it adapts to the requirements of Industry 4.0


  • Until now, it has not been possible to achieve this level of Ink thickness with other Ink Jet Technology
  • No tools required
  • Immediate job change
  • Material savings during start up
  • Adapting the image to printing
  • Immediate prior calculation of the necessary varnish contribution in the quote phase
  • CARTES own technology
  • Compatible with all materials, even natural ones and without special treatments for printing
  • Fully designed to facilitate access to this technology even for small and medium-sized companies
  • Extremely competitive cost