The CE161LT is a multifunctional machine equipped with the most advanced technologies that make it versatile and efficient, enabling to process a wide range of materials such as:

  • Woven labels and badges
  • Ribbons
  • Jacron and artificial leather
  • Cardboards for hang tags

The CE161LT stands out for its compact line and for the exclusive systems of:

  • Image capture by camera (AST)
  • Laser die-cutting unit to create always perfect labels, avoiding the waste of material.

The special configuration of this machine permits to easily process woven materials in roll and to fulfill various applications in a single production cycle, such as hot stamping, overprinting, embossing and hologram application. Furthermore, with the laser unit, it is possible die-cut any kind of shape and make cutting, kiss-cutting, perforation, engraving, progressive and regressive numbering.

The camera captures and adjust the image and the laser die-cuts while correcting the unevenness previously detected on the fabric.
This allows the machine to perfectly achieve centered and homogeneous badges, avoiding the waste of material.
It is also possible to cut ribbons with length longer that the working area and even longer than one meter.

Technical Data 
WEB WIDTH160 mm - (6 19/64 in)
PRINTING/DIE-CUTTING AREA150 x 175 mm - (5 29/32 in x 6 57/64 in)
LASER DIE-CUTTING AREA160 x ∞ mm - (6 57/64 in)
PRODUCTIVITYup to 11.000 cycles / hour

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