Modular label finishing machines in web width 360 mm

The GEMINI series machines represent the new frontier in Digital Converting: versatility, performance, waste reduction, the ability to save all processing parameters, reduced power consumption.

Configurable with the following units:

  • Flexo printing and varnishing
  • Digital embellishment (JET D-SCREEN)
  • Semi-rotary die-cutting (CARTES PATENTED)
  • Laser die-cutting (CARTES PATENTED)

Already “pioneers” in the application of Laser technology in the self-adhesive label market, thanks to the ILC® INVISIBLE LASER CUTTING system, it is possible to die-cut dark printed labels without typical and unsightly “white edge”.


  • Protective flexo coating
  • Flexo printing
  • Self-wound lamination
  • UV lamination
  • Cold foil
  • Cast & Cure
  • Digital finishing for creating high build effects, metal doming, high build varnish and Braille effects
  • Semi-rotary die-cutting
  • Laser die-cuting and special processings with automatic job changeover