CARTES confirmed during LABELEXPO AMERICAS important innovations for the label market.

Introducing the new machine series the Gemini, CARTES showed the Invisible Laser Cutting (ILC) system that allows the ability to convert dark color printed labels while avoiding the white line edges caused by laser cutting temperature.
Also processed during the show, IML In-Mold Label is also suitable for the ILC system, including other liner less materials.

News also comes from the semi-rotary die-cutting unit. This brought to life a new concept showcasing the ability to use magnetic dies to produce labels at different lengths. Thanks to the amazing Image Distortion System (IDS), it is now possible to re-use preexisting dies created for specifics cylinders, even worn, to die-cut different lengths. The IDS allows the customer to widen and narrow multiple label lengths up to 20% from the original die, always keeping label interspaces constant.

Another innovation to the semi-rotary die-cutting unit is the Air Gap System (AGS). It is electronically controlled, permitting absolute depth precision from the first cycle.

This eliminates the possibility of breaking dies by a wrong adjustment as well as avoiding material waste.

Visitors at the expo were shocked to see the Gemini GE362VR converting labels in semi-rotary mode at over 100 meters per minute.

These important and exclusive innovations underlined and confirmed CARTES in the vanguard in terms of the technology used on labels.