CARTES had a resounding success at Drupa 2016.

Excellent business deals concluded thanks to the technology, innovations, printing and converting solutions showed by the GT360 and Gemini Series.

Listening at the customers’ requests, CARTES has been able to match the exact needs of this growing and evolving market.

Getting into details, through the Gemini Series has been showed the best in class Laser technology application in the self-adhesive label market, with the new “solution” named: ILC – INVISIBLE LASER CUTTING, able to die-cut dark printed labels avoiding the typical and unsightly “white edge”.

Thanks to the ILC-system, there are no limits in processing materials with extremely thin liners including films, die cutting and stripping “impossible shapes” or even linerless materials like IML labels.

Increasing demand for shorter running jobs, reduced delivery times and diversity in labels have boost the growth of digital print solutions.

That is why CARTES has introduced a new software able through a barcode reader to manage an automated workflow, “swapping” in real time from a one job to the next one.

The Gemini – GE362VL has proofed to be without any doubt the most versatile solution available nowadays on the market as “Digital Converting” solution.

In a different configuration, a Gemini GE362 VR has shocked the visitors processing labels in semi-rotary mode at over 100 meter per minute.

And of course the booth could not miss the best seller, a GT360 machine showing a complete digital printed label embellishment running at 40 meter per minute.

We are thankful to all those customers and partners that everyday motivate us to achieve more than what expected.