SCREEN srl of Monza renews its business, again.

The innovative company invests in CARTES digital finishing and LASER die-cutting, for increasingly ‘green’ labels.

The experience gained in the printing graphics industry has led to a fundamental step forward: investing in technological research and sustainability.

«Because the world is constantly evolving and we want to grow with it,»declares Andrea Rossetti of Screen Srl and continues:

«Our mission is to become an increasingly green and self-sufficient company, thus eliminating waste and reducing the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.»

«The new CARTES digital finishing machine is our flagship and allows us to create even more personalised and unique labels, digitally finishing with very fine foil details, in an immediate way and without the use of equipment, also increasing the thickness of the embossing, inserting opaque or glossy elements and, with the LASER digital die-cutting unit, shaping the label, creating ad hoc patterns, all sent directly from a pdf file. »

«The innovative and unique LASER die-cutting technology of CARTES will give life to shapes and contours without limits of complexity and without the use of classic aluminium plates, too often used and never disposed of through recycling.