Label printing and finishing machines, web width 160 mm

Hot stamping – Embossing – Flat bed die-cutting – Laser die-cutting

Multifunctional, versatile, highly efficient and extremely compact machines.
Web width: 160 mm

The multifunction machines of the CE160 series are built with components with the most advanced technologies that make them versatile, highly efficient and extremely compact.

Machines can be configured in different ways according to the production needs, combining up to 4 units as
hot stamping, embossing, flat bed die-cutting & laser die-cutting, as well as a guillotine at the output.

The various configurations allow to process a wide range of materials such as:

  • self-adhesive papers and films for labels
  • cardboards and plastic for hang tags, visit cards
  • satin ribbons.

These machines can fulfil many applications on a single cycle as hot stamping, engraving, overprinting, holograms application, embossing, punching, flat bed or Laser die-cutting. Furthermore, with the LASER unit, in addition to die-cutting, it is possible to achieve cutting, kiss-cutting, perforation, engraving and numbering.

Some possible processings:

  • Hot stamping front and rear
  • Embossing
  • Holograms application
  • Adhesive tape application
  • Cut off window system
  • Self-wound lamination
  • Flat bed die-cutting
  • LASER die-cutting
  • Kiss-cutting
  • Punching (single or double)
  • Slitting
Technical Data   
GeneralWeb width
Maximum unwinding roll diameter
Max strokes/hour
max 160 mm (6.3 in) - min 50 mm (2 in)
400 mm - (15.7 in)
Hot stamping unitPlate holder box dimensions (150 x 175) mm - (5.9 x 6.8) in
Laser die cutting unitWorking area
Laser source
Laser power
Cutting path speed
(150 x 150) mm - (5.9 x 5.9) in
sealed CO2
100 W
up to 700 m/min - (2300 ft/min)
OthersFurther optionals may be available soon

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